Grand Reopening Rescheduled

Due to the Quarantine and the Coronavirus I am postponing my Grand Reopening until Saturday June 13, So please mark your calendars. Since my Reopening is open to all ages, I thought this would be best, everyone can still attend & I will still be able to offer Chair Massages.

I am still open during the statewide school quarantine.

The building I am in has limited foot traffic, and being just myself, I have a maximum of 4-5 people in my office. This limits the chance of breathing in someone elses air.

Some precautionary measures I would like us both to take are:

Please wait or schedule your appointment 3 weeks after you have experienced the following:

· If you have been out of the country

· You have been in a large group setting

· If you fee that you may have been exposed to the Coronavirus

If your appointment has already been scheduled, please call and reschedule your appointment if:

· You have experienced any of the above situations

· You have a cough, congestion, cold, flu or any Coronavirus Symptoms

And yes! If I experience any of the above, I will shut down the office, put myself in quarantine & reschedule my appointments.

To prepare for you appointment

· Please wash your hands

· If you need to sneeze or cough, please use some provided kleenex

As for the office, I am doing the following (some have already been in process)

· Everything is wiped down between clients (door handles, table and accessories)

· All bedding is replaced

· Hands sanitized

All-In-All if we all just follow a few precautionary measures, we should be able to continue with your Massage Treatment.

Please enjoy this unexpected Staycation with your family

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