I am Moving!

Updated: Nov 26, 2019

All the businesses in my suite were given a 2 month notice to find a new place.

And,,,,, I did! It didn't take long to find the perfect location.

This is a picture of the front of the building, easier access through the back.

The rooms will be repainted and the carpeting replaced. Well, the carpeting in the treatment room. I am working on getting the other rooms redone as well.

Here are some before photos

The First picture is of my 12 x 18 treatment room.

As you may know, my current one is only 10 x 12, no more being cramped and having to lean over tables to give those arm pulls.

The 2nd picture is of my reception area. Approximately 10 x 12 - lots of room, I look forward to decorating! Just imagine, no more strangers walking through.

The 3rd picture is a space off to the right corner. Finally a place for me to keep all of my belongings with out having to hide them under the massage table.

I will keep you posted on the remodel progress.