Up and Running with Many fun Changes!

After being in my new location for only a month and a half and then shut down for ten weeks, I reopened in full force on June 1st.

I am accepting new clients, current clients, and clients that have not been able to make it in after all the excitement.

My new office is beautiful! More than twice the size of the old one, and so much more cozy and relaxing.

With the lock down, I was unable to have my Grand Re-opening. I miss all of you that were not able to come back.

If you have questions about the precautions I am taking in regards to Covid, please feel free to call me or visit my website. www.soothingtouchllc.com

What has changed:

* I am now offering $50.00 Massages for all new clients.

* Referral Bonuses Have Changed - For each new client you refer, you will receive an additional 15 minutes on your next massage.

* As a Loyal Client Benefit, you will receive an extra 15 minutes on your 7th Massage (must be with in a 6th month period)

I wish all of you to be safe and healthy.