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Manual Lymphatic Drainage

There are numerous benefits to Lymphatic Drainage


If you feel as though you are suffering from any of these, Lymphatic Drainage is for you!

The massage is only 1/2 to 8 ounces of pressure.

So, there is no pain involved. 


Helps stimulate the immune system

Helps balance fluid and distribute immune cells throughout the body to maintain health

and defend against disease.

Rids tissues of excess proteins and toxins.

The Main purpose is to protect the body against harmful microorganisms, poisons, and

dead or dying cells. 


Help improve the appearance and health of the skin and to treat cellulite, such as acne, rosacea and eczema.

 Before and after surgery; helps speed healing and  reduce edema Helps heal soft-tissue injury

  Helps speed healing and reduce swelling (such as sports injuries and car accidents)

 Helps with colds and allergies.    Helps relieves stress and tension.

Helps with fatigue, mild depression, and chronic soft-tissue pain.

Travelers edema   Helps reduce scarring after surgery.

Lowers blood pressure.  Patients suffering from, asthma, allergies or cancer.

Signs Your Lymphatic System is Backed Up

        The Lymphatic System is a part of the circulatory System and a vital part of the immune system. One of the Main functions of the Lymph System is to provide a defense in the immune system.

Headaches    Brain Fog     Swollen lymph nodes or tonsils  

Lack of Energy   Recurrent Sore Throats 

 Mucous drainage (especially after dairy flow)    

Fluid Back up in the Ear (especially in children)  

Ear Popping and Ear ringing    

Reduced Ability to Fight Infection (frequent cold or flues)

Constipation or Sluggish Bowel Function

Unable to Lose Weight (toxins play a part in holding on to weight)

Soreness or Stiffness in the Morning

Bloating, Swelling or Heaviness in Extremities

Arms or Hands Fall Asleep While Sleeping

Pain, Pressure, or Stiffness along your Spine and Shoulders

Itchy Skin, Acne, Dry Skin, and other Skin Issues.

Is Lymphatic Massage Right for You?

Lymphatic Massage is GREAT for anyone of any age, there are only a few conditions/health issues in which

caution should be taken. 


  There are Four Categories that you may fit into:

1. Conditions where Lymphatic Massage is Highly Recommended

Allergies & Sinus Infections– An allergic reaction is a symptom of an overreaction of the immune system to allergies.

LDM is great for both, just not during an allergy attack.


Asthma – Not during or following an attack.


Stress & Tension – Stress triggers the sympathetic nervous system, otherwise

known as the fight-or-flight state, arousing all the body’s defenses.  Physical

and mental stress can contribute to degenerative disease.  LDM, triggers the

parasympathetic nervous system, which has the opposite effect.  Muscles relax,

heart and breathing rates decrease, causing a relaxation and drowsy state that promotes healing and balance.


Thyroid Disease – It is okay to have LDM if you have Thyroid Disease, we just avoid working the area of the thyroid.


Varicose Veins or Spider Veins – LDM is allowed, unless the area is red, hot, or swollen.


Surgery (including cosmetic/liposuction)

BEFORE Surgery; MLD helps remove stagnant fluid from tissues and increase blood flow, bringing nutrients to the

tissues; MLDspeeds healing and reduces edema.


Scars – As an injured area heals and scars form, the lymph circulation doesn’t always improve, blocking the lymph flow

.  Edema forms and can remain for years after the surgery, injury, or infection.  Massaging as soon as allowable after the

injury, surgery, or infection will help the scars develop in a more organized way so they may become smaller, smoother,

more flexible, and stronger.  It is never too late to have LDM on a scar.


Cold and Allergies – If you are frequently ill with minor illnesses and recovery is slow, you may be suffering from a

sluggish lymphatic system.  Regular LDM, daily if possible for a week, or at least once a week for three months is recommended.


High Blood Pressure – LDM temporarily lowers blood pressure.


Cellulite - Lymph massage is effective in treating the scarring of connective tissue and edema, but cannot remove or

redistribute fat cells.


2. Conditions in which we may have to wait or work around the area


Edema – Chronic Edema if the cause is unknown we will need to consult your physician to rule out any serious health problems.  If we know the cause, LDM is a go.


Soft-tissue Injury (sports injuries, car accidents, falls, etc.) – LDM helps speed healing, reduce inflammation and pain,

and improve scars.  LDM is appropriate after medical treatment and any serious underlying condition has been ruled out.


Chronic Fatigue, Mild Depression, and Chronic Soft-Tissue Pain – We need to know the cause, if there is no serious

illness underlying the symptoms, LDM is will have great results, stimulating the immune system and reenergizing the body.


Traveler’s Edema (enforced inactivity, such as sitting for a long time in a car or airplane) – LDM can remove edema and

reduce the pain and stiffness.  If there is pain in the calf, the calf is red, hot, or swollen, there may be a blood clot &

physician treatment is suggested.


Acne, Rosacea, and Eczema – Unhealthy skin is caused by poor circulation. LDM removes wastes and toxins from skin cells,

improving lymph circulation, the appearance of the skin is greatly enhanced.  Massage is recommended during the acute

stage.  LDM also benefits the red, thickened, coarse skin resulting from chronic edema, most commonly found in the lower

extremities and clients with edema.


3. Conditions in Which You will need Physicians approval


Surgery (including cosmetic/liposuction) AFTER Surgery – LDM helps remove inflammation, speed healing, reduce scar tissue,

improve circulation, and assist in the removal of damaged tissues and chemicals. LDM will have to wait for two weeks after surgery and receive Physician approval.


Cancer/Chemotherapy – There is no evidence that LDM is dangerous for cancer patients, the benefits from touch therapy

outweigh the risks.  LDM is great for cancer patients in remission. If receiving Chemotherapy, your physician’s authorization

is needed.


ANY and ALL organ transplants 

Phlebitis or taking Coumadin

Heart Condition

Blood Clots


acute inflammation

pathogenic germs(bacteria, fungi)


4. Conditions in Which You may absolutely NOT have Lymphatic Massage


Heart or Kidney Disease, Congestive Heart Failure – LDM stimulates lymph circulation and returns fluid to the heart.

As a result, blood volume increases, which can overload an already weakened heart or kidney.


Heart attack or Heart Surgery in the previous year or is on kidney dialysis.


Any area that is painful, red, hot or swollen – There may be a possible blood clot & would need to see your physician.


Any Skin conditions that are contagious, infected, open or discharging fluid.


Fever – Fever is a part of thy body’s natural healing processes, LDM is not recommended.

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