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This was my first massage with Stacey, and oh my gosh she is so fantastic. I'm a stage 4 cancer patient with a great many pains and muscle aches. After talking with Stacey before, she

addressed all my problem areas and then some. She found knots that I didn't even know were

there. She is very thorough and pays attention to details. 
I came out of there feeling totally relaxed and pain free. I will definitely be going back to see

her again.   

I had troubles getting off the table I was so relaxed! I will definitely be going back. My full body massage was absolutely amazing. The pressure was perfect and the room was so quiet and

peaceful. This is my new favorite place to go for a massage. Thank you so much!  

Massages are specifically catered to the necessity of required therapy. This therapy comes with

an absolutely gargantuan heap of passion. Feel each moment as health is restored to the body.

Leave with no regrets, and only the memories of a wonderfully spiritual experience. The price

paid stands with no contest to the experience. I have no doubts that 4.7 stars on average is

accurate. I personally honor a 5 star review.  

If you're looking for a great, no-frills massage, Stacey is wonderful! She really gets in and works

out the knots in a deep tissue massage, and gives a really nice Swedish massage if you're looking

for more relaxation. Soothing Touch isn't a spa, so if you're looking for that spa experience, you

won't get it here, but if you're looking for a great massage at a great price, Stacey can't be beat!

Couldn't be more happy with Stacey. She offers all kinds of therapy massages that suit your

situation. I recently broke my arm and she used the lymphatic massage after my cast was off

and approved by my doctor to help with swelling relief to aid in healing. My arm was

noticeably less swollen and I feel will quicken my recovery if I continue to use this technique

along with Physical Therapy. You won't be disappointed.

I am 75 years old, and have been seeing Stacey since 2009. I have shoulder, neck, and lower

back pain. She knows exactly where the tight knots are and how to work them out using just

the right amount of pressure. I also have arthritis in these areas and in my hands, It feels

wonderful when she does Swedish Massage in these areas. She is very professional, she only

uncovers the areas in which she is working, she also makes me feel very comfortable during my massage. When I get a massage, it is what I ask for, she really knows what I want out of my massage, before she even starts. I am looking forward to lymph massage as I have edema in my

legs. I highly recommend her.

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