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Neuromuscular Therapy/Deep Tissue

The use of deep massage and compression to deactivate tender and sore areas of the muscle that radiate pain when pressed.  These are caused by weakness, and limited flexibility of a result of trauma, poor posture and repetitive strain, and overworked muscles.

Conditions for this Therapy may include

Carpal Tunnel  Finger, Wrist, Elbow & ShoulderDysfunction
Front Rounded Shoulders        Frozen Shoulder
Head, Neck, Back & Rib Pain      IT Bad Restrictions
Joint Problems     Knee Problems
Lordosis (curvature of low back)
Migraines   Muscle Spasms   Plantar Fasciitis
Restless Leg Syndrome   Rotator Cuff   Sciatica
Soft Tissue Injury/Pain   Tendinitis   Tennis Elbow
Tenosynovitis   Tension Headaches   TMJ 
Torn Menisucs   Whiplash

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