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Myofascial Release, Swedish, Deep Tissue

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

30  Minutes  -    $45.00
60  Minutes   -   $75.00
90  Minutes   -   $115.00
120 Minutes   -   $155.00

30  Minutes  -    $55.00
60  Minutes   -   $100.00
90  Minutes   -   $145.00

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(call or Text)

Accepted Payment types

            No Fee: preferred: 



            Zelle (on-line banking)

            Venmo (digital wallet/online app)


Credit card                            


There is no "cookie-cutter" massage, each massage session is individually tailored to your needs.

Your time on the table for your massage is the time that you have scheduled. Please come early for us to go over your intake form and what you would like in your massage.

Effective May 20, 2024

Massage is for Everybody at ANY Age.

I am Certified for Pediatrics & Geriatrics.

Any one from the age of  2 - 102 is welcome to try out a massage.

Thanks! Message sent.



Stacey is awesome! Her lymph node technique reduced the swelling in my knee literally overnight. Her massage therapy is fantastic! I highly recommend Soothing Touch Massage!


I have had many massages over the years with many different Therapists. I can honestly say Stacey is the best overall. She takes great care in customizing the massage to your needs and has excellent technique. Having lower back and necks issues for many years she has been a Godsend.


Couldn't be more happy with Stacey. She offers all kinds of therapy massages that suit your situation. I recently broke my arm and she used the lymphatic massage after my cast was off and approved by my doctor to help with swelling relief to aid in healing. My arm was noticeably less swollen and I feel will quicken my recovery if I continue to use this technique along with Physical Therapy. You won't be disappointed.

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