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Messy Leaves! Should we rake them, blow them, mow them, or leave them alone?

How should we get rid of those leaves? Every year we end up with a lawn full of them. They are pretty on the trees, not so pretty covering our lawn.

I can think of 4 ways to handle the mess - rake, blow, mow or just leave them alone.

As a kid we had a VERY LARGE yard. Every fall, my dad would hall all 7 family members outside to rake.

Raking takes forever and one ends up with blisters. Mowing is all right, except now you have a zillion little leaf pieces covering your lawn, I can see doing this in the country, not so much in town.

So, I guess I pick blowing them. I use to help my husband rake, until I convinced him to get a blower. Yeah! This is definitely the way to go!! Especially, if your husband does it himself with the blower.

So, what do you prefer? And what method do you actually use? What one prefers to do, may not necessarily be the method you use.

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