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PUMPKINS! Store bought or picked at the field?

Store Bought or Pick you own

Shall We drudge through the mud & dirt to pick a dirty pumpkin from the field, or go to the local store and buy a nice clean one off the shelf?

I have done both, when my children were little, I would chaperone there school field trips to pick pumpkins. It was fun at the time, now that they are older, we buy them from the store.

So, since I am making you choose, I will have to. I will say, I prefer the get dirty pick your own from the field. Yes, it takes longer, but I love fall, gardens, and supporting our local farmer. But, now my husband picks them up for us.. Yeah! And he does a good job.

Every September or local Grocery Store has a Pumpkin fest. I will buy squash, apples, gourds, or a pie. Even thought the pumpkins are at a very reasonable price, I will not purchase one. WHAT!?? Yes, If I purchase my pumpkins at the end of September, they sit on my porch for a month. That is 30 days of it turning rotten and having to be thrown away. So, we get ours later, let the pumpkins rot on someone else's shelf.

What's your preference? Any good stories to tell?

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