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What "Scary" Do You prefer?

Haunted House or Scary Movie

Some people love to get scared, do you prefer walking through a haunted house and have people jump out at you? Or watch a suspenseful murder where people are being followed, chopped to bits or chainsawed apart?

As for, me? You won't catch me dead watching a Scary Movie, now way, no how!! The first time I saw Jurassic Park at the theater, I had to walk out for a break because I couldn't stand the suspense. OH, but now I love all the Jurassic Movies, I watch them with my 13 year old daughter. But, still no scary movies.

I only went to a Haunted House once, and that was when I was a kid, I don't remember it much.

But, back in my 20's I did work one once.. SPOILER ALERT - The people working the haunted house are not allowed to touch people coming through. I still haven't been to one, but if my teenage children want me to go with them, I could.. Hee, hee, knowing they can't touch me. I will never tell my kids that though. Let them get the true, full, scary experience.

What do you prefer?

Please share any scary stories or pictures you may have. Please try to leave out names, and keep the language clean.

Thank you, and have fun.

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