Why do I feel Happy and Relaxed after a Deep Tissue Massage? #stmb, #massage, #happy

Haaa!! So, Relaxed and Happy after a Massage

Have you ever gone in for a Deep Tissue Massage where your Therapist really works out the knots? And as she is working out the knots you are in pain and wondering, why the heck am I doing this to myself?

But, then after the massage you go on with your day and not only are the aches and pains lessened or even gone completely, you notice you are in a much happy, better mood?

Please read the article below to see why after a "beating" you feel Happy.

How Does Massage Therapy Work?

The Anatomy of Happiness

Douglas Nelson

This article is from the Winter 2012 issue of Body Sense.

As I greeted Craig in the waiting room, the radiant smile on his face told me we were making good progress on his shoulder pain.

"My shoulder is so much better," he remarked as he entered my treatment room. "I hardly think about it anymore." As a massage therapist who specializes in dealing with specific muscular issues, this is exactly what I hope to hear from the people I serve.

"I must say that the educational process has been just as valuable as the hands-on work. It has given me a greater understanding of my own body, what to do, and maybe more importantly, what not to do. I have a better sense of what was happening to my shoulder and why. This whole process is so interesting and educational.