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Why The Form??

Why does my Massage Therapist Require me to fill out a form.

The form is especially important in not only helping your Massage Therapist to evaluate your needs, but to be sure you walk away with having a safe massage and one that accomplished what you needed in your session.

The questions asked on the form includes important contact information, giving us the ability to contact you when needed. The form also gives us an inside look at your overall past and current health. These need to be taken into consideration to allow a safe and successful massage session.

A gentle Swedish Massage doesn’t pose any danger to most, but certain health conditions may indicate that massage therapy is contraindicated (not advised). Certain health conditions may just need to be worked around or you may need to be referred to another massage therapist or healthcare professional that specializes in your particular needs. For instance, a bruise or surgery, we would just avoid that area or if you had a history of blood clots, you would be turned away for your own safety.

Medications are important as some medications can affect your body’s reaction to massage. If you are on medication that may cause bruising, we may need to forgo deep tissue massage and go with something lighter. If you are on blood pressure medication, this may affect your recovery time, as massage can lower your blood pressure.

In addition, the intake form can provide your therapist with what your goals are for your massage session. Having your aches, complaints, or injuries listed, will give your therapist an idea of what you are looking for in your massage session and help develop a plan of care for you. Your Massage Therapist, also keeps notes on all the clients, keeping track of your progress, changes in your sessions, what works and does not work, your likes and dislikes. It’s great to know what works for you.

It can take awhile and seem like a tedious form to fill out, but it is necessary to fill out the form. Remember, this isn’t just a massage, it is healthcare. The few minutes it takes to complete it can make the difference from having a mediocre and not so safe massage, to where you have an amazing massage and get what you needed.

Soothing Touch Massage & Bodywork, LLC is paperless, all forms are now on-line. For your initial visit you will receive a longer more detailed form, your second visit will have a shorter form asking if there are any changes to your health and a chart for you to list your aches, pains, and areas of concern. All subsequent visits will have this same form, it will have all your previous information, all you need to do is make any changes, sign, and submit.

For an in depth look on Intake Forms/Health History forms, please read the following article.

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