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The Cool Wind is Blowing! Do you prefer keeping your windows Open or Closed? #autumn, #stmb

Open Windows or Closed Windows

It's that time of year when Wisconsin has a nice breeze and cooler weather. Do you prefer to leave your windows open and let the cool air in, or Lock them up?

Me, as soon as it is cool out, those windows are WIDE OPEN! I love the breeze & I love the cool air. I will keep my windows open until my toes are freezing and I have goose bumps. I still won't shut them! Just bring on the socks, long pants and sweaters.

What is your opinion? What was the crazies weather you kept your windows open?

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Stacey Smurawa LMT
Stacey Smurawa LMT
Oct 15, 2019

It seems as though Wisconsin decided to miss fall... again. Only a few weeks of being able to open the windows. Now we are all locked up with the heat on.

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